Do it yourself ! up cycle your old leggings.


We all got a wardrobe crammed full of clothes but whenever we look in for something we always end up like “God I have nothing to wear and then What we do? We steal our brother’s and father’s clothes and slay in them like we own them and this is the best thing we girls are blessed with . That’s what I  have been doing since I got back home for my summer vacation I have been stealing my brothers t-shirt a lot and I love doing that . Also I had never been a DIY person but my mom does a lot of DIYs she has come across this amazing crop top DIY out of leggings tutorial on the internet which amazed so much me. So, i tried it my self and got all my leggings cut one after the other like it was so addictive and fun that i couldn’t resist. Also ,the result came fabulous.I wanted to share this tutorial with you guys so that you can also up cycle your old leggings and give them a second life .

So lets begin :

  • The first most thing you need to do is to look for a legging that fits you because looser the legging is looser the top is going to be . And then you can decide the neckline whether you want V neck or round neck .
  • Fold your leggings in half and cut out a hole from the J stitch of your legging ,make a smaller cut first you can always make it bigger afterwards. Cut the length of the sleeve according to comfort and style
  • And now it’s ready to wear ,you may add tassel or laces to make it look more beautiful and you can always experiment with the styles. That is it . You should definitely give this DIY a try believe me its amazing .


You can pair these crop tops with any high waist denim or pant or a skirt. I am also going to try this DIY with my old denim if it will work i will share that too. I am sure after this you will never run out of clothes .











Outfit details;

Top : DIY

Skirt : self designed

shoes :

bag :Cathy London from

I hope you liked the post.Do share it with your friends and follow and help us build an amazing community. Will be back soon with something exiting ,till then

Stay Tuned Stay Dressed .. ❤

Much Love

Rinky Shekhawat




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