Spring to summer


How are you guys doing ?

So,it’s late march and spring season is already here while summer is coming up very soon ,therefore days are turning hotter than ever , this season is perfect for casual styling ,you pick up short comfortable clothes so that you don’t get overheated in the sun but what about the dressy events? This season is amazing but filled with the most events.Then how girls are supposed to stay cool and comfortable?

Well here are some of the latest trends right from the runways that will guide you for your spring/summer shopping.

Designer brands like Miu Miu,Alexander wang,Alexander McQueen,Prada,Balenciaga,are back with the 80s style collection making them the biggest trends for spring/summer season.

What style and prints to go with ?

Off shoulder style has been the most poppular trend during autumn season and now this is the time to pick cold shoulders for yourself. Modern ruffels are the next thing that you should be obssesed with .There were too many ruffels showcased on the ramp. When it comes to prints then you should definetly give up the plane slip dresses and try vacation-print dresses.Stripes and  lots of stripes, you can totaly go for stripes from head to toe .Mid lenght skirts and tule skirts will be perfect for a summery dressy event as it was also seen on the runway of paris by brands like Molly Goddard,Dior,Rochas,etc .Obviously you don’t want to get heated all day so you would not choose any skinny or bodycone dress .So have some flares and crop flares dresses in your wardrobe.You can also have lots of mix prints.

What colours to pick ?

Well well well ,spring/summer 2017 runways has displayed lot of bright and vivid colours and Fuschia Pink was one of the major of all the other colours . Fuschia pink is the another name of magenta pink and hot pink .Brand like Hermes which is famous for its neutral colour  has also chosen this colour for thier collection .To convey the sense of earthiness ,a mixture of vitality and calmness ,pick the hues that are sorrounded by nature .You may choose soft pastel colours or bright and vital hues. It’s all up to your choice . Even multicolour is also an option.

What about footwear and accessories ? 

Brands like Prada,Loewe,chanel are back with 80s defination into their collections , So the french street style of wearing kitten heels was all peppered over the runways . You may pick slingback flatforms ,and black pointed pumps .Coming on to accessories mini bags and double belt trend you will be seeing the most this season.

Here is what I have picked for a spring/summer dressy day, A more of pink cum multi colour cold shoulder top which I designed myself , I tucked it inside that black pleated mid length skirt which is from CODE by Lifestyle pairing it with black pointed pumps or you may say kitten heels from Amazon fashions.Accessorised the look by wearing my rusty silver infinity earings and I carried a very preety island paradise pantone colour or you may say a kind of serenity blue sling bag which I bought a year ago from jaipur And some matching colourful bangles to add an elegant feminine touch. As you can see how this fall background is perfect going with the concept of this style,I love how comfortable and dressy this outfit feels.You may accesorize it to get a day party look or just be casual,simple and comfy!

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

will be back with something exiting,till then ;
Stay tuned ,stay dressed ! 
Much love ,
Rinky shekhawat



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  1. Love your style hun! You are so chic!!

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    It is trรฉs chic!


  2. Really Rinky its unbelievable…
    Well done ….
    Your pics are really very nice
    Really you did it well…
    Keep moving on…๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
    pink pink city


  3. Love your look! It absolutely screams spring! And that top is amazing!๐Ÿ’—


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