Holi hai ! Outfit ideas and beauty hacks .

Greetings to all !Hope you guys are doing well .Sorry for posting this too late but here i am back with something new today !

Holi is the festival of colours .Holi unites people,and makes differences unrecognizable under the equal cover of colours.

Outfit ideas 

If you are person who always wear black tracks and tees every holi then you should probably be getting some change this year . Holi is the festival of colours and it is as important as the other indian festivals. So you should look into your wardrobe and pick something bright and colourful and not so bold and boring as black .This comes once in a year So go for something intresting and vibrant . 

You can also wear light weight jewlery if you think you are not going to play holi badly .

Do not wear denims because it will be very heavy in water .

Make sure to cover your body as much as you can so that you will be less tinted .Wear good and comfortable pants or plaazo . 

Don’t wear any thin material clothes.Because when you will be in water its going stick to your body. And i know you don’t want to get exposed that badly .

Wear comfortable footwear like flip flops which have a good grip so that you don’t slip and can run around happily .

Beauty tips :


Before playing holi , put some oil onto your hairs so that the oily layer covers your hair and protect them from getting dry and rough . 

Make beautiful braids or a bun but if you want to playful and want to loose them up then its ohkay! Its just one day .

 After holi : Use mild shampoo to wash your hair and get out all the colour out of your scalp then use a good mosture complex conditioner which will restore the smoothness to dry hair . 

You can also opt for some home remedies like using egg which will condition your hair properly and will give back the natural shine you had . 

Face and body :

Before going out  use mosturiser which is highly hydrated and have Spf because your going to be out all day in sun ,And a mosturiser layer will protect you from the chemical that holi colours are made of . 

You can also use coconut or olive oil as moturiser .Put it all over your body. 

After playing holi its time to recover all the damage you have on your skin now .

Use a good foaming face wash first to get  off all the colour from your face .

Then exfoliate your skin by using a good scrub don’t be too harsh while scrubing because your skin is already damaged. 

After that use a very good mosturiser .To hydrate all your skin cells . Which will get dry very much . 

If your wear spectacles or eye contact lenses then don’t use them for a day .

You may go for sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful colours.

So that is all you need to do if you don’t want to ruin up the fun you gonna have tommorow . 

Happy holi to all. Have fun being fashionable as well .Till then,

Stay tuned ,stay dressed !

Much love

Rinky shekhawat


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