Flip and flaunt with Nova

You love dressing up right? What all you do to look presentable?

When you stand in front of your mirror you just don’t enhance your beauty but also build up your confidence.Your mirror contributes a great to your success.
You step out of your door, you meet people, some faces are known and some you saw for the first time.And you judged them on the basis of their appearance, how they are, what they do for the living, , how do they spend their day!Yes you did ! we all do this every time we engage with people, every time when we double tap or gives a thumbs up to a picture we are scrolling up on our phone or every time we see someone, entering the lecture hall, paying the bill on the counter, walking in the club.we judged them all.

Your appearance plays a very important role.For every occasion, you need to dress up accordingly from head to toe. So head comes first! For a different occasion, you choose different outfit likewise you want different hairstyle but you don’t have time to visit a salon and sometimes you are out of budget but you don’t want to leave your hair in a bad condition!You want to flip your wavy hair in the sangeet function you’re going to attend and keep them straight for the job interview and want to rock your curls in the club!Right? So what you will do now!Any solution ?huh?

Well, dont worry here is the solution to fix your dirty hair and just flip and flaunt them to every occasion.


I bought this Nova hair beauty set from snapdeal.And absolutely fell in love with the quality hair it gives.This is 2 in 1 solution as it straightens and curls. It has got 26mm×106mm ceramic facing clamp which provides even heat to restore the damaged cuticle. A conversion button to switch the curling and straitening mode. And 360° cord for easy use.You may learn the different tricks and techniques for more styles.

Before using this or any heat hairstyling product. Don’t forget to apply the heat protectant to minimize the damage. And use hairspray to keep the style just like that until the party ends. Using iron on daily basis may damage your hair, so avoid that! but don’t let go your social meet ups waste without flipping and flaunting.You know why? I know, you know why!


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Stay tuned, stay dressed!

Buy the Product here : nova 2 in 1 hair beauty set NHC -992 



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  1. Looking dam good 😊


  2. Nice work! Keep it up girl✌


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