The Girl Next Door style

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance – Coco Chanel . So is the Girl next door , she’s cute , she’s fun , she’s simple and she’s  drama free . She is girl who  used to be “one of the guys” and now the guys find her desirable . The girl next door is the classic style that will look absolutely beautiful on every other chick .This style doesn’t pay attention on the latest trends or never involve anything wild or exotic. It always goes with simplicity and cuteness . A pair of blue jeans and classic tee with tennis shoes are enough to achieve this look . Remember ,Less is more for this look! .So girls go grab something from your closet that makes u look prettier and simpler and makes you feel comfortable . Comfortness is very important .No need to go for heavy top makeup just loosen up your hair ,straight ,curly or wavy all works as long as it looks natural and shiny, it should be practically begging to be touched .The girl next door is nurturing and sweat , she’s real and fly under the the radar and admired from afar . She true to her self ,honest and kind .

So here are some looks that i  have chosen for the Girl next door style .

Hope You All like   🙂

  1. So, here is the first look I’ve chosen a blue faded boyfriend jeans and paired it with a blue striped print fitted top and black buckle shoes with wedge heels .And what i like about this look is that “its casual yet comfortable and comfortable yet chic” .I left my hair open just like that ,no heating no styling is done to achieve a natural adorable look. ” The hemlines of our jeans might cover the best part of our outfit -the shoes !”if we don’t roll them up . And instead of rolling up under the hem ,cuff it up and embrace the roll. It will give a more casual look and will enhance your feet .And as no heavy top make is required i only wore a very thin stroke of eyeliner and pink colored lip tint keeping it simple and pretty . And off course why to forget a bag when u move out of the door . I carried a white sling bag which is cute and chic . 

    Outfit details :

    Jeans from-  Levi’s  
    top from – local label (B+vestry)
    shoes from- (‘designed in London’ collection)

  2. For the second look i picked up a beautiful knee length dress for my model Anshika Chauhan which is having red lace top and some very beautiful blue and red motifs on the skirt.And a black kimono shrug is enough to give a contrast to the whole outfit and it is also enhancing the shape of the dress , making it comfortable to walk down the streets . The tan colour boots are easy to walk  and must have off course.she pinned up her hairs roughly at the back letting her flicks go overwhelmed all around . This vintage girl next door look will also work for college and winters . 

    Outfit details :

    Dress from-  Calgiri
    shoes from – Kielz
    kimono is DIY 

  3. This was one of my favourite look for the girl next door style, i just experimented and actually took a risk by choosing the single colour scheme for the whole outfit ,using  a monochromatic or single colour scheme can actually end up making u look boring but if you  pick up the right colour from your wardrobe which suits you it may turn over into something very stunning and classy . i picked up a white shift dress paired it up with white  plimsole sneakers ‘my favourite again ‘! .Neck of the dress is embellished with some little white stoned diamonds which are hardly visible in the pictures but yes it is .so, no need to go with any accessory because we have to make it simple and casual ,and i carried that white sling bag and i tied up my pink scarf on string of the bag to keep it on contrast.This look is absolutely perfect for a day out or shopping with friends. 

Outfit details :

dress from – let me be
shoes from – New Look
bag from- New Look

4. Forth look is very very casual it is perfect for college and day outs .For this look Anshika is wearing a black and white baseball shirt teamed it with black jeans and white plimsole sneakers .she is carying a black leather backpack which is completing her overall college look .Picking up clothes for her to achieve this look wasn’t a big task  , you just can pick any of your casual T-shirt and jeans ,just tuck in your shirt half from front side  and leave the rest of hanging like that, and any plimsole sneakers or tennis shoes will go perfect for this look , loosen up your hair  and apply a little red tint onto your lips and smile . That is well enough to catch up the eyes around you .



5. And And And…. LBDs are must have ! Yes, a little black dress are must have for any girl in this world because “one in never over dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress”- Karl Lagerfeld .Little black dress will always go for an evening out date, or any party  .If you want to look classy then just go for it .You can always make it look different with altered styles and accessories. The only way to mess up a great Little Black Dress look, is to either over-do the accessories, or to just leave it as a “yawn”, boring, plain look! leave your hair open or tie a loose bun and wear a classic red lipstick .I personally picked only one silver star arm bracelet for Anshika keeping in mind the necessity of the girl next door look .simple , cute and classic.




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  1. Cute! Love the outfits! 🙂


  2. ……..N I C E~~~~~ O N E……


  3. Great post! You look so beautiful in all your pictures


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