Glance at Pink Scarf Chick!


You must have been surely wondering about what  Pink Scarf Chick is all about !

So ,this is a personal blog by me “Rinky Shekhawat-The pink scarf chick of the pink city”.I am a fashion student from Army institute of fashion and design ,Bangalore.I am pink city (Jaipur,India) based and currently living in Bangalore,India .This is my first fashion blog and me really don’t have much belief in following up the trends because I believe in having my own fashion identity. “You need to have clothes that you can wear comfortably and I am sure it will speak louder than an attitude and will make you stand out ! This blog is all about fashion and styling .I am also going to catch your attention on all of my  designing projects which I will be exploring on this blog.

There is always  something deep inside every small thing ..Then what is so deep in the Pink scarf chick? Well, Pink is a colour which is favourite of almost 50% of the chicks of the world and mine too .The different shades of pink describe the different personality,likes and dislikes and behaviour of a girl .For example pink, itself is the colour of love and the deepest need with the personality pink is to be ‘accepted and loved unconditionally by others’

So, I hope this blog will be accepted and loved unconditionally by all the fashion fanatic readers. So, stay tuned with pink scarf chick .

Next post coming soon ,till then stay tuned stay dressed .. see ya



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  1. SHIVAM SINGH CHOUHAN May 2, 2017 — 5:39 am

    Really Rinky its unbelievable
    and people’s attention is being captivating by this blog………


  2. Thanks very nice blog!


  3. Nailed it…. Keep up the good work . realy like your work will keep following your bolg

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Keep it up


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